April 11, 2005

Liberal's on the Euro

From the old Liberal Party, not the Lib-Dems, about why they don't want the Euro:
Euro enthusiasts would have you believe that we need to be part of the Eurozone to protect jobs. Not so! Even if all Europe joins the Eurozone, it would still represent only 10% of the World’s population. Europe’s population is declining and EU markets are saturated. While EU countries are far more reliant on each other for trade - three quarters of Germany’s exports go to the EU - the UK’s EU trade is only 53%. Our trading future and job prospects lie beyond Europe in Africa, Asia and the Americas, as they have always done.

another good quote realating to the complete lack of any European Demos (which means that there will never be a true EU democracy).
Have you ever asked yourself why the Eurovision Song Contest is so toe-curlingly awful? It’s because the object of the exercise is to find a single song for all of Europe - one song to suit all. It doesn’t work because the cultures and languages of all European nations are different, so everything has to be dumbed down, with hilarious results.


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